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The clinic provides consultation to patients of all ages including children and elderly for all general Medical (fever, cough, cold, headache, loose motion, vomiting ,acidity, jaundice, giddiness,anxiety, hypertension, chest pain, diabetes, allergy, asthma, thyroid,urine infection, anaemia,vitamin deficiency), Rheumatology (joint pain and swellings), Surgical (pain abdomen, swellings, abscess, injuries, cuts, wounds , dressings, suturing, incision and drainage), Skin (rashes, itching,lesions, ulcers, dandruff, hair fall, infections, acne, chicken pox, mumps, measles, nail infection), ENT (Ear pain/wax/ infection, tonsilitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, nasal bleeding / block, removal of foreign body from nose / ears), Eyes (infection, stye, foreign body), gynec (white discharge, itching and infection, menstrual irregularity, premenstrual symptoms, menopausal symptoms).

The facilities in the clinic includes: ECG, Nebulisation, ambulatory BP measurement, vitalograph and breathometer. The clinic also boasts of spot diagnostic tests i.e. card test for Malaria, pregnancy and trop-I (heart attack marker), uri-sticks (for urine infection), glucometer (blood sugar) and pulse oximeter.

The clinic is well equipped to provide adult/adolescent vaccination. The clinic is also geared for minor surgical procedures with latest technology like suturing with stapler and skin glues, in addition to conventional methods.

The clinic offers personalized medical kit for students/clients travelling out of city or abroad, adventure/trekking and for home/office/hostel use. The kit is handed over after due consultation/checkup.

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Gaurang virajGaurang viraj
14:34 03 Jan 24
Anshul JainAnshul Jain
07:15 12 Dec 23
Dr. Rashmi has been an incredible support for me as the go-to-person for any health related issues. She is extremely patient friendly and takes personal interest to diligently follow-up with her patients on the treatment prescribed and ensure her patients are well attended to. In the most recent incident, I fell ill with Dengue fever and she was able to promptly help get it correctly diagnosed and comforted me with the right course of treatment (with personal proactive follow-ups), leading to me regaining my regular health in no time. Highly recommend her!
Vishal JainVishal Jain
08:52 30 Nov 23
A doctor with magical healing touch to your problems. Gives a very precise diagnosis to one's medical issues. A very clean and beautiful clinic. If you need fast healing, then do consult Dr Rashmi.
Rahul GuptaRahul Gupta
07:09 30 Nov 23
Dr Rashmi Agrawal is a caring doctor whose interest in her patients goes much beyond the 10 minute consultation and a prescription. She is genuinely interested in the wellbeing and ensures they get the best health care.She attended to my dad while I was out of station and finding him quite ill and alone the personally drove him down to the hospital. She ensured immediate attention was provided to him and spoke to the senior doctors to ensure they gave him adequate me she was God sent on that day. Thank you Doctor.
kotikalpudi Eswarkotikalpudi Eswar
11:22 04 Nov 23
On the early morning at 4.30 am I had feeling of spinning in head and severe dizziness. I was unable to get up from bed. We called Dr Rashmi Agarwal . She instantly responded and visited in the early hours of 30th Oct. After checking BP, SPO2, sugar levels erc She diagnozed my problem as BPPV. There after she gave me some tablets and performed some phisio acts turning head 45 degree and gentle fall on a pillow with head hanging. It gave me significant relief . We were much impressed by the care and compassionate attitude of Dr Rashmi Agarwal. She was so kind enough to respond and visit at early hours of the day . She is very effecient and competent Doctor.K.EswarSeawòodsNavi Mumbai
Vinay PatelVinay Patel
03:20 10 Oct 23
Best Physician in Navi Mumbai.Serving the defence for years, Dr Rashmi is a gem of a person and an outstanding doctor.I visited Dr Rashmi for myself, son and for my Brother in law.My brother in law was diagnosed with Dengue and his platelets dropped as low as 22k. However, Dr Rashmi advise to stay calm and wait for 2 days and advised some medicines and food. The platelets increased and we avoided hospitalisation which some doctors would have recommended.Something special about Dr Rashmi is that she was available on call even in the night at 11pm which is exemplary and highly appreciable.We trust with Dr Rashmi and is now are first choice for any medical necessity for our family.Thanks a lot for your service to the nation and to our family now.
Eshan TyagiEshan Tyagi
05:50 08 Oct 23
My grandmother, who is 84 years and stays in Roorkee, Uttrakhand had high fever for couple of days. We e-Consulted with Dr. Rashmi Agarwal who immediately recommended doing dengue, malaria and complete blood test. This helped diagnose dengue before my grandmother's platelets falling down. She further recommended regular supplements for the patient and constantly monitored the patient's vitals. As a result, my grandmother recovered and had a normal platelet count in a week's time. I thank Dr. Rashmi Agarwal for treating the patient like her family.
Ankita ShindeAnkita Shinde
05:23 08 Oct 23
I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Rashmi for a comprehensive health checkup for my family and me. Her diagnostic skills were spot-on, and she provided us with precise treatment recommendations while avoiding unnecessary medications. Dr. Rashmi's warm and professional attitude made the experience truly exceptional. I wholeheartedly and highly recommend her services!
Yogiraj BansodeYogiraj Bansode
05:07 30 Sep 23
Dr Rashmi Singh is an outstanding family doctor. I am pleased to write this unsolicited recommendation out of my gratitude for her. I have been under her care for a few days for Dengue Fever. I can confidently say that she is one of the most compassionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated medical professionals I have ever encountered.From the first consultation, Dr Rashmi impressed me with her warm and empathetic demeanour. She creates a comfortable and welcoming environment, which immediately puts patients at ease. Her genuine concern for the patient's well-being is evident in every interaction, and she always take the time to listen attentively to any concerns or questions.One of the key attributes that set Dr Rashmi Singh apart is her deep knowledge and expertise in medicine. Her ability to accurately deduce and diagnose even the most complicated diseases is par excellence, and I have seen that firsthand. She stays up-to-date with the latest medical advancements and research, ensuring that their patients receive the most current and effective treatments. I have always felt confident in her diagnostic abilities, as she takes a thorough and systematic approach to understanding and addressing health issues.Moreover, Dr Rashmi is an excellent communicator. She has an exceptional talent for explaining complex medical concepts in a way that is easy for patients to understand. She takes the time to educate patients about their conditions, treatment options, and preventive measures, empowering them to participate in their healthcare journey actively.Finally, what truly stands out about Dr Rashmi Singh is her unwavering commitment to her patient's well-being. She goes above and beyond to ensure her patients receive the best care possible. Whether through follow-up phone calls, an in-person, or timely responses to inquiries, I have witnessed Dr Rashmi working from early morning till late at night.In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Rashmi Singh as a family doctor. Her medical expertise, compassion, and commitment to patient care are extraordinary. Anyone fortunate enough to have her as their healthcare provider will undoubtedly be in excellent hands.She is kind hearted and genuinely cares for the patient and makes the patient feet at ease.Thank you Dr. Rashmi Singh 🙂
joyce isaacjoyce isaac
12:45 25 Aug 23
Dr Rashmi is one of the best practitioners I have met. She is very knowledgeable, gives the correct advice and prescribes what’s needed. Unnecessary testing and medicines are avoided. There’s a bit of a wait sometimes, but I guess you have to wait if you want to meet the right person. I recommend her highly.